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--Wuhan Jiushengtang was elected as vice director company 2013-3-5
--Jiushengtang invented "plant insulin" 2012-12-5
--"proof of loyalty -- Communist Zou Yuandong faith life" 2012-11-23
--President Zou Yuandong attended the 2013 CCTV promotion 2012-11-22
--President Zou Yuandong in CCTV program 2012-11-22
--Zou yuandong "Bitter melom" was award the gold prize in The 7th International Exhibition Inventions 2012-11-21
--The gold award in iENA 2012,Zou Yuandong enzymatic polypeptide patent 2012-11-21
--Wuhan Jiushengtang is expected to go public listing in June 2013 2012-11-21
--We can't synthesize some specific protein when lacking of even one kind of amino acid 2012-11-21
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