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  Sanjiu soybean polypeptide can prevent arteriosclerosis and heart disease efficiently

There is a possibility of getting heart disease or atherosclerosis if his or her cholesterol (especially the cholesterol with low density lipoprotein)level is over 517MM200mg/100mlin the serum. The high cholesterol level can be decreased by taking Sanjiu soybean polypeptide which molecule weight is between 1000~200. From the clinical test: if we substituted or added the protein from Sanjiu soybean polypeptide for every day diet, the cholesterol will maintain on a low level. Numerous clinical tests show that the risk of having heart disease will be lower if he or she takes 3 bottles of Sanjiu soybean polypeptide tonic liquid daily. We can abandon all the traditional medications for preventing atherosclerosis and heart disease; just take Sanjiu soybean polypeptide tonic liquid only in everyday life.

The mechanism of Sanjiu soybean polypeptide that can reduce cholesterol, prevent heart disease and atherosclerosis is: it will enhance secreting of cholic acid which can erase the cholesterol in the serum. Some research shows that Sanjiu soybean polypeptide can activate liver to eliminate cholesterol with low fat density. Moreover Sanjiu soybean polypeptide can also affect incretion and change the hormone consistency so that can adjust cholesterol metabolism.

Through the soybean polypeptide was catalyzed from soybean protein, the isoflavone was reserved 100%, and what’s more compare with the soybean protein, the soybean polypeptide can be absorbed more efficiently. Isoflavone can prevent the process of phosphorylation which is the cause of artery inflammation. Isoflavone is a insurance of protecting the cholesterol not tome oxidized into freeradical. Those two things we’ve been mentioned (artery inflammation and freeradical) are the main reason to lead to heart disease and atherosclerosis, but fortunately the soybean polypeptide can kill them all.


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