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  Physiological functions of fish protein peptide
  Physiological functions of fish protein peptide

By using the advanced biological enzymatic technology, we catalyzed the high rate of purity (above 90%) isolated fish protein into fish protein peptide whose molecule weight is between 1000~200. This kind of peptide was combined by 2~8 amino acids. It contains 20 kinds of amino acids, trace elements (calcium, ferrum, zinc and selenium), and vitamin (vitamin C, vitamin E vitamin A, vitamin B and etc).

Physiological functions of fish protein peptide

I fish protein peptide can prevent brain disease caused by liver; maintain the consistency of BC in blood. Regulating the confused amino acids from brain and blood, improving the situation of hepatic coma and turning patient into a good condition.

II improving nutriture of protein. BC is the zymolyte of energy metabolism, and it can help the compounding of protein, inhibiting protein from break down.

III In the tissues, the BC can afford energy to the muscle directly by oxidized itself. So the fish protein peptide can be a very good choice of supplement for the people who is working a lot.


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