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  Physiological functions of slimming peptide II
A brief introduction of slimming peptide
Some researches showed us: an activate peptide has a great slimming function, especially whose molecule weight with only 200~700. And thanks to its green attribution, the slimming peptide has no any toxic or side effects. Slimming peptide has passed all the 7 toxicology safety tests, function test, edible test, exhilarant test, stability test, ingredient test and hygienics test from the Testing & Analysis Center that recommended by the Ministry of Health of the People¡¯s Republic of China.
From the test results: there is no toxic and side effects of slimming peptide, a group of overweight people after taking slimming peptide, their fat and fat pad weight are reduced obviously. Overweight people can lose 2.6¡«7.5 kilograms¡¯ weight, 2.3¡«6.8 kilograms¡¯ fat--about 2%~8%.
And testee¡¯s subcutaneous fat is becoming thinner, lost about 4.2~10.6 centimeters waistline. And their endurance is increased, so this phenomenon shows slimming peptide has no toxic or side effects objectively. Exhilarant test shows, there is no any irritant, narcotic, blocker, diuretic and steroid hormones, so people can losing their weight with a security guarantee.
Absorption and digestion of slimming peptide
By the advanced enzymatic technology, the vegetable protein which molecule weight is over 30000Da has been catalyzed into small pieces peptide with a molecule weight of only 1000Da. This small piece peptide was a compound of 2~8 amino acid which linked by peptide chain. This kind of substance do not need to digested, it can exert its function directly.
The mechanism of slimming peptide
Because of the physiological function changed, extra energy has turned into fat and accumulated, finally became the obesity. And with the obesity there are series complications. There are some common therapies to prevent getting obese: pharmacotherapy, dietotherapy, kinesitherapy and behavior therapy. Most of the slimming medicine products will play a role of appetite inhibitor: accelerating secrete of hormone that influences digestion and absorption. It can really help people to losing weight, but side effects will come to the overweight people at the same time, moreover when you are taking the pills you must on diet, only low fat food can be ate. And kinesitherapy and behavior therapy also need a low fat diet to assist therapies. Finally the dietotherapy was based on the diet too; it¡¯s the most safety way of losing weight.
Slimming peptide can accelerate the consumption of energy and fat, and people call this ¡°burning your fat¡±. After taking slimming peptide, it will activate the sympathetic nerve and brown adipose tissue, promoting the basal metabolism and energy metabolism. And what¡¯s more the slimming peptide can prevent the procedures of fat accumulation, reducing the fat rate efficiently. So the slimming peptide is the best solution of slimming healthily to people with heavy load, such like athletes in boxing, weightlifting and wrestling and other fields. In order to strengthen their muscle and losing their weight at the same time, they must do sufficient exercises and intussuscept plenteous protein. Generally, the process of protein synthesis will in a highest level when people after exercises in 15~30 minutes or 60 minutes later by sleeping. So in these periods of time, the product will supply you not only the resource of constructing the muscle, but also enhancing the secretion of protein synthetic. In the mean time the slimming peptide will prevent the accumulation of fat. It will take muscle hemoglobin to let the muscle recovering form a tired condition. To sum up, this slimming peptide is a perfect product foe slimming.
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