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  Why do we need peptide
Why do we need peptide
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Recently the words of ¡°peptide¡±, ¡°peptide and health¡± are getting more and more people¡¯s attention. Is it a kind of fashion or speculation? Obviously the answer is negative. Peptide is an essential substance that every need!
Why do we need peptide supplement but not necessary for the formers
The major cause that we need peptide supplement is: Every food we¡¯ve taken is organic. Long time ago, the food of our elders have been taken is more unartificially and more clean than we have eat today. So these foods contain more enzymes and trace elements, people can degrade more peptide by their own through these food. When people are digesting food, they need many nutrient substances¡¯ participation, but the modern can¡¯t receive sufficient nutrients through the modern food in everyday life. Less and less peptide can be produced by people¡¯s own.
Secondly, our elders live in a cleaner environment; there is not too much air pollution, water contamination, pesticide contamination and radiation. People can strengthen their body and gain more peptides just by taking foods in everyday life. So you can find sufficient peptide in our elders¡¯ body. But now is different, we are in time of explosion, pesticide contamination caused a problem: We can¡¯t obtain sufficient nutrients from the artificial foods. The more innutrient food we¡¯ve taken, the weaker of our body. We can¡¯t synthesize sufficient peptide supplement unless we¡¯ve taken more nourishing foods. So lack of raw materials that can be synthesized into peptide is another major reason moderns need peptide supplement.
As we just mentioned, the moderns live in an environment that full of air pollution, soil contamination, water contamination, food contamination, cell phone radiation, ultraviolet radiation, household appliance¡¯s radiation, computer screen radiation and so on, not only with these, faster and faster life style makes modern people suffered significant pressures than ever before. These factors lower our immunity; the modern is becoming a body without defense border. So we must take bioactive peptide supplement to rebuilt this defense border, rebuilt our peptide synthesizing ability. Bioactive peptide is a supplement with diversity and activity, and it is our only hope.
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