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  Jiushengtang created 13 firsts for China in polypeptide zone


According to the new reports of the relevant departments, China Peptide Valley---,Jiushengtang has created 13 firsts for China in polypeptide area since it founded in 1996.


1It is the first professional factory to produce peptide products in the world

2It is the first one to produce polypeptide with enzymlosis in the world.

3It is the first one to produce polypeptide in the form of terminal products.

4It is the first one to produce soybean polypeptide by means of enzymlosis.

5It is the first one to produce soybean polypeptide by means of enzymlosis, and China has become the first country owns soybean polypeptide through our great efforts. (Japan is the first country to produce soybean polypeptide to intermediate raw material mainly used in the additive of food for the old and the infants).

6It is the first one to get the enzymlosis polypeptide patent(As president of the company, Zou Yuandong the nation’s renowned polypeptide expert has acquired 14 patents on polypeptide).

7It is the first transaction in China Shenzhen High-Tech fair as well as the first transformed research fruits of enzymolosis polypeptide

8It ranks No 1 in the research fruit transformed of polypeptide(we got 10 R&D transformed items).

9Of all the companies of the same kind, it has the largest number of successive polypeptide products.

10During the SARS period, it has been reported most frequently by the world mediums and internet by means of polypeptide.

11It has the most polypeptide products in the world( approved by the China Health Ministry and Hubei products certificates of 10)

12It publishes the most essays about polypeptide in the world enterprises.

13It takes the first ranking in the world in terms of the number of honors it has obtained on polypeptide.


At the same time, it is the first company that has won the sponsorship of the Innovation Fund of China, the first to export polypeptide.(In 1997,the first products were exported immediately in containers without getting into warehouse.), and is also the company that has been received and praised by the Chinese leaders most frequently.

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