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  SARS promoted Peptide Valley myth

From www.xinhuanet.com (14:33:45)

Beijing Xinhua net at July 13th reported: it seemed that Wuhan Jiushengtang Bioengineering Co. Ltd. became the focus of both the media and the civilians. The Jiushengtang general president Zou Yuandong who was investing a large amount of money to build "China Peptide Valley" took this miracle fortuitous meeting as: "through seven years war, today receive a favor at one time ".

Xinhua Agency and CCTV reported the news that " 'polypeptide' prevented SARS to intrude into human cells". The people who were having a full measure of SARS were longing for the "polypeptide" may think this product is developed not long ago. In fact, Wuhan Jiushengtang had researched to produce polypeptide products for over 7 years history. China Peptide Valley Wuhan Jiushengtang, general president Zou Yuandong hold a concurrent post for researcher of England London Technology Research Institute and Wuhan University Life Science Foundation handle matters, built bioactive peptides research group which built up by three peptide experts (in this team there are people who had been researching in "polypeptide" for 49 years), he was the leader of the group. They created the first way to make polypeptides by zymolysis and produced 999 protein-peptide, 999 soybean polypeptide, Jiusheng immunity polypeptide, Jiusheng antiviral polypeptide and other 13 country patents "bioactive peptides" products.

But it will take a long time to let the civilians to know what the peptide really is, Jiushengtang' sell outstanding achievement was not to hope at so high level. Around here, many enterprises which following the Jiushengtang was in a hard situation, they dont know where are their future, so they collapsed one after another. But Wuhan Jiushengtang still stands steadfastly. Zou yuandong and his subordinates show no sign of weakness despite repeated setbacks for the future of polypeptide property. In order to promote sales, Zou yuandong traveled around the country. He got a traffic accident nearly lost his arms, hardly donated his life for two times, he works 18 hours daily. In order to let more people understand, realize and accept polypeptide. He got 13 country patents in polypeptide and announced more than 10 articles in the magazines and Internets. He also came to the front lines of the market as a reporter and salesman, because he devoted all his energy to products, he has less time to take care of his family, then he lost two close relatives.

Opportunity is belong to the people who are well prepared. In the time of SARS rampant, people who were benefited or heard about 999 protein-peptide or other polypeptides products can strengthen immunity functions, they went to Jiushengtang to buy 999 protein-peptide. Especially after the news about " 'polypeptide may prevent SARS' "at may 11th, Jiushengtang' s tenants were in an endless stream. But Zou yuandong put down the identity of darling not organized workers to work day and night to meet the large market but also proposed to put down the price and ensure the quality to the consumers. This activity advanced an important forward which took "China Peptide Valley" to serve people "Life Valley".

Nowadays it seems that hundreds of "polypeptide" enterprises come out in one night. But these people showed their faces, they did not know that there was a "polypeptide" tiger running in the night forest 7 years ago. The master of "China peptide Valley" appealed that although polypeptide's spring has come but many enterprises were ignorant, this may lead a new round repeating buildings, the tech barrier and wrong of the investment will make many enterprises suffer the consequences of their own evildoings. This is not beneficial to the development of the Polypeptide enterprises.

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