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  Bioactive peptide that has strong activity and diversity will become focus in the world I
written by Prof. Zou Yuandong
It was thought in the past that the main way for human body to absorb proteins is amino acid. In recent years, it has reported by international scientific research that protein hydrolyzed by digestive enzymes are mainly absorbed in the forms of micropeptide and it can be absorbed and utilized more earlier and more quicker that that of complete free amino acid. This is a great breakthrough in peptide research theory and practice. Peptide is the bioactive substance that involving multi-cellular functions in organisms. Sseveral hundred kinds of peptides have been found in organisms and they are absolutely necessary participants in accomplishing the complicated physiological activity in organisms. All cells can compound polypeptide substance and their functional activity is adjusted by polypeptide. It involves in the fields of hormone, nerve, cellular growth and reproduction with the importance of adjusting the systemic organisms and cells in body. Bioactive peptidesmain physiological and pharmaceutical effect are as follows: activate some relative emzymes of body to promote intermediate metabolism or membrane permeability or to affect special protein synthesis by controlling DNA transcription or translation, all above mentioned will lead to physiological effect or pharmaceutical effect.
Peptide prior to amino acid, high protein and oligosaccharide
Compared with amino acid, peptide is prior to it in the following aspects:
1 Quicker absorption than that of amino acid
2 Peptide is absorbed in complete form by organism
3 Positive absorption (amino acid is passive absorption)
4 Low consumption. Peptide has the feature of low consumption or not needing consume energy compared with amino acid. Peptide will go into blood circulation to infuse its energy to the parts of body after it is absorbed by duodenum.
5 Its absorption has the feature of insaturation compared with amino acid.
6 There are only 20 kinds of amino acid with limited functions while peptide can compound thousants of kinds on basis of amino acid. Regardless of absorption speed or biological functions,peptgide is the newly emerging nutriment to take place of nutrinent substance such as amino acid. Peptide is prior to high protein and compared with high protein, peptide has different functions. Firstly peptide is the courier embodying imformation to cause various effective similar or dissimilar in natrue physiological activities and biochemical reaction adjustment; secondly, high activity; thridly, small molecular weight and it can be transformed easier and performed chemical compound while high protrin has not this feature. If amino acid is secondarily developed in depth, peptide is the third developed product in depth.
Peptide is prior to Oligosaccharide and other substance. Thr function of bioactive peptide are greatly prior to those of the substance such as Oligosaccharide. The molecular weight of active substance of peptide is so small that it can be digested, absorbed and utilized easier. Its absorption system, active strength and active diversity are prior to those of polysaccharose substance.
The largest feature of peptide in organism is that it ahs very strong activity and diversity compared with other substance. It will attracrt great attention all over the world and thousands of scientists have researched it for over half centruy and up to today it is also the new focus of Hi-tech industry.
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