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  Bioactive peptide that has strong activity and diversity will become focus in the world III
Occupying the commading elevation in the hi-tech field of bioactive peptide
The research field of bioactive peptide develops very rapidly and it ahs attracted high attention from the scientists and the governments in the world. In the short past years a lot of bioactive peptides have been researched, among which some are developed as drugs and healthy protection products as 999 Protein Peptide, 999 Soybean Peptide, 999 Anti-obesic Peptide and so on, and have realized industrialization and gained great ecnomic and social effect. With the rapid development of modern protein engineering and bio-enzyme engineering technology, a large number of peptide will be researched and developed. The application of biotechnology can produce a number of bioactive peptide and it will be utilized in food preparation, funcitonal food, food additives, drugs and cosmetic and so on.
Microelement absorption foods such as various foods for infants and the old, the sport foods etc. have been developed in U.S.A. and Japan. As for Japan, the market scale of its sport food has been up to over 10 billion yen and it has strong development trend and has acquired good economic effect.
As newly emering biological hi-tech field, the research and development of bioacitve peptide is a sunrise industry with large market protential. As long as we seize the opportunity, promote transformation and develop it quickly, we will occupy the commanding elevation in the hi-tech field of bioactive peptide in the world.
The activity of peptide will give you vigor; Wuhan Jiushengtang will give you peptide health; and 999 Protein Peptide is the active substance for life.
999 Protein Peptide(Bioactive peptide) will strong activity and diversity is the source of human health in 21st century and belongs to National Ninth Five-Year Problem Tackle Project and National Torch Project.
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