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China Peptide Valley, Wuhan Jiushengtang Bioengineering Co.,Ltd.
      China Peptide Valley: Wuhan Jiushengtang Bioengineering Co.,Ltd
    Wuhan Jiushengtang Bioengineering Co., Ltd, which is established in 1996, is a new and high technology company.  It's a joint venture invested by Sanjiu Enterprise Group Changjiang Industrial & Commercial Company and Sanjiu Enterprise Group Hongkong .It located in the East Lake High-tech Development Zone Wuhan, China. At the end of 2005, approved by the administration committee, it tansformed to a private enterprise.
    The company is mainly engaged in researching, developing, producing and marketing of protein products, bioengineering and health-care foods. Jiushengtang is the pioneer and the most professional bioengineering company in the peptide field in China, even in the whole world.
    Our product range contains 21 kinds of peptide series products at the moment, including 5 leading products, 19 main products and more than 200 following products.To meet the upsurging market demands, Wuhan Jiushengtang has a strong production capacity. The annual output is 1000 tons dry powder; 2000 tons of peptide concentrated solution; 500 tons peptide cosmetics raw material; 500 tons peptide feed additive; 300 tons peptide growth hormone; 10 tons peptide spice; 10 tons polypeptide preservative; 10 million boxes peptide oral liquid; 1billion capsules and 1 million bottles of peptide beverage.
    The peptide series products have continuously received many awards from different departments. Such as  "National torch planned item", "The Chinese Spark 863 Item", recommended by Chinese Health Food Association, "High-tech product" listed by China Health-care food association; listed by China Chamber of Commerce of Medicines & Health Products Importers & Exporters as an "innovative export product", "most potential export product" and "quality trustworthy products".
    Polypeptide has the function of preventing SARS,.Jiushengtang donated 1.38 million RMB(Chinese currency) and millions of medicine to the public during the SARS session in 2003. A colume about this has been issued on XinhuaNet (the most authoritative media in China) in the same year.  Followed by 2000 media trans-printed this article which made the company winning the world attenation and numerous high reputations. Peptide series products has exported to many countries, including: America, England, UK, Japan, Indonesia ,Singapore, India,  Nepal, Australia , Germany, and etc.
    In order to help the public acknowledging the importance of peptide , we have done a lot of work in the past 10 years. Our peptide experts has established the "enzymatic peptide theory", and continuously published works like:"Snipe SARS: China Peptide Valley", "Enzymatic Peptide Theory", "Polypeptide and Health", "Peptidethe key to the health". Peptide experts issued more than 300 peptide thesises, held more than 500 lectures and more than 10 millions peptide posts have been distributed. Nearly 10 millions people has listened to peptide lectures.
    During the peptide researching, China Peptide Valley---Jiushengtang made 13 new discoveries. The most significant one is our experts found there are mass of peptide in the end of animal's intestinal wall. And this indicates animal absorbs nutriment in the form of peptide. This discovery has overturned the theory of"animal absorbs nutriment in the form of protein and amino acid" which last for a whole century.


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