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  Sanjiu Lipid Regulating Tonic Liquid



Sanjiu Lipid Regulating Tonic Liquid: reduce blood fat without hurt kidney

Sanjiu Lipid Regulating Tonic Liquid is made from a kind of plant protein with reducing lipide function and whose molecular weight is above 100000Da, and applies high-tech enzymolysis technology to degrade this protein into a micro molecular peptide with a molecular weight below 1000Da.
This peptide is basically composed by 2-6 amino acids, and can be absorbed without digestion  to reduce the lipide of human body.
In addition, it contains the extracts of lotus leaf, safflower, fructus cannabis, and bush-cherry seed.
Those extracts corporate with the micro molecular active peptide to engage its reducing liquid function.

[Main ingredients] Soybean polypeptide (amount by amino acids) 1690mg, total flavones (amont by rutin) 116.3mg in 100ml.

1. For the people with normal blood serum and cholesterol. it has the function of maintaining cholesterol's balance of human body.
2. When those people eat the high cholesterol food like egg, meat, etc. This product has the function of preventing the hoist of blood serum and cholesterol.
3. To people with high blood fat, this product can reduce 15% if its TC and TG level in 30 days, the function is notable.
4. This product can reduce the harmful LDL and VLDL value in cholesterol, and never reduce its benefical value.
5. This products also has the function of protect kidney and enhance liver function of human body.
6. Low agtigen.

1. Improve lipid serum glycerin liquid (TG).
2. Protect kidney and enhance liver function.

[Indications] People with high blood fat.

[Approvsal No] Public health Ministry (2003)No.0455

[Specification] 10ml*10 bottles



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