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  Sanjiu Slimming Peptide Tonic Liquid


Sanjiu Slimming Peptide Tonic Liquid: reduce fat nutritiously without hurt to body

Sanjiu slimming peptide tonic liquid uesd the high-tech of enzyme degradation to degrade marco molecular plant protein into micro molecular active peptide with its molecular weight between 200-700Da (which has a great strong slimming function). And simultanceously cooperate with the plant extracts of lotus leaf, safflower, fructus cannbis and bunge cherry seed which has a reduce fat function to refine a kind of pure natural health-care top quality product.

[Main ingredients] Soybean polypeptide 1810mg (amounted by amino acids), total favone 116.8mg (ammounted by retin).

1. Soybean small molecular active polypeptide is a kind of element that with how heat, low cholesterol, low lipid protein, and will not increase the lipid after meal. But on the contrary, it can improve lipid metabolism and reduce fat.
2. Only reduce liqid, protect wet and muscle.
3. Regulate the balance of body's mutrient, improvr human health.
4. No poison or side effect.
5. Slimming tonic liquid also has the characterisitics than can be easily and quickly absorbed bu human body.

1. Prevent the absorption of fat, and improve the metabolism of fat.
2. Decompose the extra fat, make the muscle grow.
3. Resist oxidation.

[Indications] People need to keep weight like fat people and athletes.

[Approval No] Public health Ministry of P.R.China (2003)No.0365

[Specification] 10ml*10 bottles



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