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  Sanjiu Protein Peptide Tonic liquid


A new high-tech immunity product: Sanjiu Protein Peptide Tonic Liquid

Polypeptide is segment of protein, made up of two or more bio-catalyzed chemical compounds consisting amino acid and peptide linkage. It can be absorbed in full form bu human body without the progress of digestion and mo harm.

Sanjiu protein peptide tonic liquid is made of high protein (above 95%), and refined by the technology of protein peptide project's separation and concentration, bioengineering's enzyme degradation, and food project's crystallization. The product is safe, nutritious, healthy, and can be easily and quickly absorbed by human body.

[Main ingredients]
Micro molecular active polypeptide and amino acid.

1. Double immunity regulate functions, in one hand, it can activate B cells to producte antibody by the auxiliary T cells; on the other hand, it can directly stimulate B cells to produce antibody.
2. The immunity active peptide of the products, and has the functions of resist bacterium virus and inflammation, and can also prevent and resist the diseases, can stimulate the phagocytic capacity of macrophage, enhance the immunity activity of human base.
3. It can resist the invasion of SARS virus, flu virus and many other kind of virus.
4. It also can stimulate the blood-production capacity of marrow, raise the amount of red and white cells, serum albumin, blood platelet, etc. And has a very well auxiliary trestment
functions on cancer patients who has suffered radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
In addition, it has great function of recover and care on people whose cell system were hurt by the suffering of various radiation (like radiontherepy and chemotherapy of hospital work, radiotherapy of computer, mobile phone, house electrical equipment), unclear science, unclear medical science.
5. Other functions, also can inhibit tumor cell, maintain one's face skin by eliminate toxin, protect skin, improve children's growth. Resist aging, regulate metabolism, and improve human body's absorption to Ca, Fe, Zn, M, Cu, Se.

[Indications] People with low immunity, people receving radiotherapy and chemotheraty, old patients.

[Approval No] The People's Republic of China, Public Health Ministry (1997) No. 100

[Specification] 10ml*10 bottles



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