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  Sanjiu Soybean Peptide Oral Liquid


Sanjiu Soybean Peptide Oral Liquid

Polypeptide is segment of protein, made up of two or more bio-catalyzed chemical compounds consisting amino acid and peptide linkage. It can be absorbed in full form bu human body without the progress of digestion and mo harm.

Sanjiu soybean polypeptide tonic liquid made from traditional chinese soybean, and uses modern separation and ultramicro techniques to remove the unpleasant smell and botian the protein essence. Modern bioengineering techniques are then employed to decompose the essences into active polypeptide with its molecular weight between 200Da to 800Da, and this polypeptide need no digestion and can be directly absorbed into blood circulation. Scientific experiment have proved that Sanjiu soybean polypeptide tonic liquid has a strong activity and diversity, and special biology function.
[Main ingredients]Soybean micro molecular active polypeptide, varied amino acids, trace element like Ca, Fe, Zn, Se and vitamin of B group.

[Nutrition trait]
1. Has a strong activity and diversity.
2. Need to digestion, absorbed directly.
3. Can easily and quickly absorbed by human body.
4. Absorbed initiatively and prior.
5. It comes into circulatory system, acts at bilolgy functions.
6. Act as carrier, transport the trace element which benefit to human body, like amino acids, vitamin, into every tissus, cell and organ of human body, and act its nutritious functions.
7. Compare with amino acids, its protein synthesis rate exceed 26%.
8. Compare with amino acids, its absorption speed exceed 80%.

[Recommended for]
1. People with low digestion and absorption capacity, incomplete digestion capacity, and short nutrition.
2. People with nutrition maladjustment.
3. People need to supplyment nutrition after surgery or parturition.
4. People who has a strong need to supplyment nitrogen sourse after violent sports, but should not put burden on one's stomach and intestine function.
5. People with unbalanced nutrition and need to regulate.
6. People who is not adapt to nutrition and need to change a new one.
7. People who have allergy to protein.

[Specification] 10ml*10 bottles

[Approval No.] Hubei Health Ministry[2002]No.024



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